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Want To Host Your Very Own Show On
Christian Radio
Spirit Rock Radio 98.5


First, I want to start off by telling you, you don't need Spirit Rock Radio to produce your own radio show. Modern technology has evolved so anyone with the drive and ambition can produce their own radio show.

Joining the Spirit Rock Radio 98.5 team does have it's advantages. We are a community which strengthen our growth, making us stronger  than individuals.

When one promotes, he or she is promoting for all of us. Thus more listeners equals more sponsors and you know what that means.

What does it cost you to be a part of Spirit Rock Radio 98.5?  Give use a call tell us about your show you would like doing.

You don't even have to produce live broadcast. You can record your show whenever you like. We just strongly suggest you pick a time slot you think you will gather the most listeners. We will promote your show and air it in your time slot.

Your show should be informative and entertaining. Everyone does not have what it takes to be and Spirit Rock Radio host. 
So give us a call and lets talk Rev. Demetrius Langford  320-438-4329

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