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Tj Black

Artist Interviews Tj Black

1. Tell us about yourself and your music

I’m from amarillo, tx and have a wife and step daughter and granddaughter!  I began singing at the age of 6, but have recently really pursued my music ministry and God has blessed it tremendously. I pray my music blessed others and brings them closer to Jesus. 

2. Talk to us more about your latest release

This song has an incredible testimony behind it!  God wrote it when I failed to write a song for a revival a couple of ears ago!  More on that testimony Can be found on my Facebook music page!  But this song means so much to me.  We all have had “breakthrough moments” with God!  And that’s what this song is about.  Giving Him praise for all He has done.

3. What inspired you to write this release?

I was inspired when my pastor and I decided that we would have a revival. And not just plan one and have one. But actually plan and PRAY for one whole year before actually having it. I tried to write this song for months and months and gave up. Then God write it for me one night!  Again, more info on the story can be found on my fb page!

4. Any plans to release a aong or video?
Yes!  There’s a lyric video of Breakin Through out on youtube right now!

5. Any plans to touring on the road?
Yes,  I do plan on touring. And I may do drive in theaters for now for my concerts/ministry until the shutdown is over. 

6. Do you have any Artist that inspired you?
Yes!  Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammonds, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and many more. 

7. Who are your biggest influences?
My good close friend Jeremy Wentrcek. My wonderful amazing wife Celeste Lohr. All of my friends and family and fans!

8. Tell us about your passions

I’m passionate about Jesus most of all. Everything I do stems from that. I’m passionate about winning souls for Christ. I’m passionate about my family.  I’m passionate about music  I’m passionate about recording, mixing and mastering. I’m passionate about the game of pool  I’m passionate about sports cars.  

9. What  your next biggest Goals?

My dream and goals is to do full weekend conferences which focus on setting people free.  Free from addictions, guilt and shame, fear, and anything else they may be struggling with.  


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